It was on saturday the 5th of march 2016, the day marking the 3rd solar term of the spring festival [惊蛰Jingzhe], the students and teachers from college of Internatioanl Education kicked off for a visit in the Camella garden at about 8;45am  which was on the invitation of Zhejiang Agricultural Development Group. It was a massive turnout of a group of students and teachers which was led by the International Students Adviser Mr. Fu Ting, teacher Fang Ling [mama laoshi], and Professor Wang Xiao. This crew was made up of fifty foreign students from Cameroon, Pakistan ,Sudan, Italy, Malawi, and others.


Upon arrival, the students were warmly welcomed to the prestigious ground. We were asked to feel free and a student was interviewed on his feelings towards this visit. The students acknowledged that they felt so happy living in china and most especially visiting the garden for the first time. One of the students said he holds china in a very high esteem because comparing to his home country, china is really advanced in many other things as such. The students and the teachers also moved round the garden as they were accompanied by some gardeners. They took us to many beautiful sites. Walking and viewing the flower gardens, a students were picking up fallen flowers with so much admiration, playing with them and also taking snap shots with them. Still moving around the gardens, students viewed the map of the garden ,the Chinese painting art, calligraphy where the Chinese painter took t5me to explain the meaning of all that. The students also visited the cultural arts room where so much creativity was exhibited. The attraction kept growing as they took some time for relaxation in the rooms.

Marking the end of the tour, the students and teachers got a word of gratitude from the people there thanking and appreciating the team. This ended at about 12 noon with a joined lunch session. students shared with teachers on the same tables. One of the teachers explained how to make Chinese flower tea to the students as they anxiously listened to her. She also taught them how to hold the tea cup, where and how to place fingers on the cup. so many students were very happy and testified the visit was not a waist of time.

Finally, lunch was over and the students headed immediately back to the university. Teacher Fang Ling “mama laoshi’’ appreciated all the students on arrival and handed a gift each to every student.