Gurueva Aryun Maevna (阿芸),俄罗斯,2011.9-2012.7在我院学习汉语

Personal Survey Questionnaire

International Students Alumni Association

Contact Information:

        Full Name  __Gurueva Aryun Maevna_______________

      Address      2 Demin Lug Street, Balashiha city  _____

      Phone No.  +7-926-438-53-98_________________________

      E-Mail      aryun@mail.ru_______________________


1.  What is your current occupation?

Moscow City

2.  Where do you work?

Yandex company

3.  What is your job description?

I’m an Account manager of Chinese customers

4.          What are your hobbies, or other interests outside of your job?

My hobby is dancing


Personal Statement (about your life after leaving ZJNU):


After came back to Moscow in 2012 I’ve graduated the Russian Peoples Friendship University and hold a bachelor's degree in Political Science and get a diploma of Chinese language translator. Currently I am working for one of the largest internet companies in Europe - IT company Yandex.